Gary Parsons
    President-Columbus Board of Realtors
    (elected by 6000+ Realtor peers)
    Columbus Realtor of the Year
    (selected as 1 of 6000+ agents in Columbus)
    25 Million Dollar Club-CBR
    Founding member-Worthington Association of Realtors
    CRS Designation-Certified Residential Specialist designation is awarded based upon education and transaction history, held by only 3% of the top agents in the world.
    Michael Parsons
    Past Director-Ohio Association of Realtors
    Leadership Worthington-Graduate
    Member-Worthington Assoc. of Realtors
    $10 Million Dollar Club-CBR
    CRS Designation-Certified Residential Specialist designation is awarded based upon education and transaction history, held by only 3% of the top agents in the world.
    Member Worthington Assoc. of Realtors

    Collectively $100 million in real estate sales.

    Why use a Worthington Real Estate Expert?

    The Parsons were both raised in Worthington and both called Worthington home for most of their lives. Worthington is where choose to work, play, love, and raise our families. We love everything about our community and it bleeds into how we market homes. Do you think its important to be able to explain to buyers about how wonderful it is to grow up next to the Olentangy Parklands, how rewarding it is to stop at Graeters after soccer practice, or if they would fit in better at York, Worthington Hills, or Brookside golf clubs? We do. We know Worthington like the back of our hands. We know how to create that emotional connection for buyers to your Worthington home because we love it too. We sell so many homes in Worthington we know that 33% of the time your buyer will also come from within Worthington. We know that 22% of the time your Worthington buyer will come from Beechwold/Clintonville. With such high numbers of our buyers coming from within we have exclusive systems in place to target these buyers and their agents through print, direct mail, the internet, and social media by their demographic and zip code. Just one example of how we are doing this- If we are selling your 2000 sq. ft. home in Worthington Estates we know that the buyer will most likely be buying their second home and coming from Beechwold, Clintonville, or Colonial Hills. We can then target these buyers by advertising to them directly through Facebook ads that are targeted to married couples, 27-45 years old in the 43214 and 43085 zip codes. Because we understand the Worthington buyer we are better able to market to that buyer. We are longtime members of the Greater Worthington Association of Realtors which affords us the opportunity to have an exclusive relationship with other top Worthington Realtors. We know that 55% of the time Worthington buyers utilize a “Worthington based Agent” and we know just who to call, email, or mail to when you are ready to sell. We are the only real estate company to have a Worthington real estate website, We send over 50k pieces of direct mail a year to 43085 which creates buyers for our listings and vice versa. Our collective 80 years in Worthington have blessed us with a powerful network of Worthington friends, professionals, and past clients. Our years in Worthington also give us the market knowledge and credibility that will allow us to negotiate for your best interest and sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.
    Who We Are:
    Seriously Local. Creative. Worthington Neighborhood Experts. Genuine. Passionate. No BS. Transparent. Advocate for your best interest.
    Who They Are:
    Big box brokers. Buyers and sellers are statistics. Corporate Machine. It’s the way its always been done so why change. Throwing darts at a board, hoping some stick. Corporate bottom line trumps all. Bureaucratic. Disconnected.
    What We Believe:
    Values matter. Win/win. Clients for life. Doing what everyone else is doing will yield average results. We believe in premium coffee and premium real estate service. We believe in simplicity. We believe a real estate company can change our community.
    Who You Are:
    Independent. Want help interpreting the flood of information and clutter of headlines. Desire personalized service. Prefer the path less taken. Optimistic, excited, and a little nervous. Want an agent who will represent you like family. Family is everything.